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 Complete Kitchen Restaurant Hood Exhaust System Cleanings:

  • Exhaust Fan
  • Duct Work
  • Hood and Plenum
  • Air Filters
  • Fire Detection Line,Links and Conduit

Where other companies go through the motions of a full cleaning, they lack in critical areas of the system, resulting in potential problems in the future. Our services will include a full cleaning with our high powered 4500psi heated hot water pressure cleaner, hand cleaning with various tools and scrapers, and use of highly abrasive degreaser chemicals. Before cleaning process beings we will ensure all appliances will be safely covered with 3.5mm plastic sheeting or appliances will be disconnected and moved out of the way if quick disconnects are in place. If you have a stainless steel hood, upon completion of the cleaning, we will dry and polish the hood with a polish/protector. We also guarantee removal of all the water and restoration of the kitchen area to its original condition upon departure which includes mopping, wet vacuuming floor, hand cleaning, etc and a full detailed after service report with photos.


Restaurant Deep Cleaning

  • Hard to reach Areas
  • Commercial Appliance cleaning
  • Underneath, Backside, Gas Lines of Cooking Line

We Provide cleaning in any area of your Kitchen that may require moving of equipment or specialized cleaning in any type of application.


(ANSUL) Fire Suppression System Service / Fire Extinguishers


  • Inspections
  • Installation and Service






With our expert knowledge of all Fire Systems, we are able to not only clean your Hood System more effectively by disarming  it to make sure grease build up will not jam your system from discharging. We also provide inspections to eliminate multiple companies serving your needs saving you time and money.


Mechanical Work | Kitchen Hood / Duct / Exhaust Fans


  • Hood Installation
  • Duct work and welding
  • Exhaust Fan Maintenance and Installation
  • Access Panels

We provide full service for any sheet metal needs your system may need. Full Installation of Commercial Hoods,Ducts, and Fans.

Hood Cleaning Process
Duct Cleaning
Before and After
Fryer Cleaning
appliance cleaning
Fire Suppression ANSUL
Hood Before Cleaning
Hood After Cleaning


And After Pictures

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Commercial Restaurant Kitchen Hood and Exhaust Cleaning



Restaurant Deep Cleanings



Appliance Cleaning



(ANSUL) Fire Suppression


Portable Fire Extinguisher Service



Kitchen Hood Exhaust System Installation and Mechanical Repairs



NFPA 96 Code Compliance Assurance



Access Doors, Grease Containments, and Exhaust Fan Hinge Kits