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At Advanced Hood Cleaning Solutions we  are a  fully licensed and insured  company which  provides  all your Commercial Restaurant Kitchen  Hood Service needs under one company.

This equates to you saving time and money .

Our services include, but are not limited to;

Cleaning of your Exhaust Fan System and Hood, Fire Suppression service, Pressure washing, and  Hood / Duct repairs and installation.

We ensure that we will keep you in compliance with  NFPA 96 Fire codes.

There are numerous reasons why its vitally important to have your Commercial Kitchen Restaurant Hood Exhaust System cleaned with our 4500 PSI Hot water Pressure Washer and maintained on a regular basis:

  • Stay in compliance with Fire Codes and Insurance requirements to keep your business operating


  • Protecting your customers and staff from potential grease fires.


  • Maintaining a proper ventilation of exhaust fumes to reduce smoke and odors in your Kitchen


  • Protecting your investment, Commercial Hood Systems are expensive and if not maintained the value and efficiency will be dramatically decreased
kitchen hood cleaning
commercial kitchen hood cleaning
Fire code for commercial kitchen hood exhaust systems
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